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Voltage Optimisation In spite of best efforts by the State Electricity Boards the voltage at consumer ends is never the required voltage. This is because of longer distribution lines and different loading at different time on Distribution Transformers. For example, a consumer near the Distribution station gets high Voltage but the farther most consumers may be getting low Volts. Most of the industries are working in the day time, so loading on the transformer is more and generally voltage is low in day time. In the night most of the units are closed and there is practical no domestic load, the voltage may be to the tune of 440-480 Volts. So, practically every industry needs system which may keep the voltage constant. To maintain the voltage stabilizers are available in the market for refrigerators, electrical machines and electronic equipments but these are of very low capacity. We have developed and installed industrial voltage stabilizer throughout India which are suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle supplied up to 5000 KVA which have more than 99% efficiency. Leading supplier of Industrial automatic voltage controller in Vadodara Surat Rajkot Daman Vapi Ahmedabad Ankleshwar Mumbai Pune Hydrabad Indore etc for more details
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