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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer Power Engineers Company is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier known for reliability and continuous improvement in the field of rolling contact type automatic voltage controller, Servo voltage stabilizer, electroplating, chemical process rectifiers, Distribution Transformers and special purpose transformers. The systems are designed and supervised by a team of qualified engineers having more than 35 years of experience to achieve best possible quality to total customer's satisfaction. PEC have developed LINER TYPE REGULATOR WITH ROLLING CONTACT CARBON ROLLERS and installed up to 5000 KVA capacity. Which are suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle & having more than 99% efficiency. Commitment to provide an UNCONDITIONAL GURANTEE for FIVE YEARS. Industrial units achieve the under noted advantages after installing Automatic Voltage Controller. Reduction in breakdown of electrical equipments upto 60-80%. Energy saving : 5 to 10% on motor load & 15-25% on lighting load. Reduction in MDI : Definite reduction in MDI by 10-15%. Improvement in power factor : In case of high voltage only. Depreciation allowance @ 80% as per Income tax Act Uniform quality of end product. Leading supplier of Automatic Voltage Stabilizer in Gujarat
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Transformers & Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer PEC is an ISO 9001:2015, NSIC-CRISIL, DUN BRADSTREET, EEPC & EXIM registered company. Manufacture all type of Transformers & Automatic Voltage Stabilizer for industrial applications. AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE CONTROLLER (Automatic Voltage Regulator, Servo Voltage Stabilizer) UP TO 7000 KVA POWER DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMER UP TO 10 MVA. D.C. SUPPLY, RECTIFIER TRANSFORMER FOR ELECTROPLATING, ELECTRO CHEMICAL, ELECTROLYSIS, ANODIZING UP TO 25, 000 AMPS ULTRA ISOLATION TRANSFORMER UP TO 7000 KVA CAST RESIN TRANSFORMER (DRY TRANSFORMER) UP TO 7000 KVA VARIABLE VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER / REGULATOR UP TO 7000 KVA Leading supplier of Transformers & Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer
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Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer Power Engineers Company is a leading Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of a diverse range of electrical equipment. THE PEC has been in operation in the field of Automatic Voltage Controllers, Dry Type Transformer, DC Rectifiers, Distribution Transformers, and other electrical machines for years. Leading supplier of Servo Voltage Stabilizer in Ahmedabad Gujarat
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Automatic Voltage Controller Manufacturer POWER ENGINEERS COMPANY manufacturing Industrial Transformers, Industrial Automatic Voltage Controller, Servo controlled voltage stabilizer, Variable Voltage Regulator, Special Purpose Transformers, Ultra Isolation Transformers, Electro chemical & Electroplating Rectifier equipments for Industrial applications. Leading supplier of Automatic Voltage Controller in Ahmedabad Gujarat
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Isolation transformer Isolation transformers are used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current power to a device, where the powered device is isolated from the power source for safety measures. They provide galvanic isolation, which is the principle of isolating different sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow. Here, there is no direct conduction path but, the energy is still exchanged between sections by capacitance, induction or electromagnetic waves. However, these transformers block the transmission of the DC component in signals from one circuit to another, while letting the AC components to pass. Isolation transformers that have a ratio of 1:1 between the primary and secondary windings are used to protect against electric shock between the ground and energized conductors. They are also used to suppress electrical noise and are used for supplying power in sensitive devices like computers, medical devices and laboratory instruments. There is special insulation between the primary and secondary in such transformers, and high voltage ranging from 1000 to 4000 volts can be borne between the windings. Leading supplier of #Isolation-transformer in #Vadodara-Gujarat