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Industrial Automatic Voltage Controller Ahmedabad Advantages of Installing Automatic Voltage Controller Customer will certainly have the following advantages in case they are getting higher input voltage i.e. more than 230 volts Single Phase/400 volts Three Phase. REDUCTION IN BREAKDOWN OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS ENERGY SAVING 5-10 % on motor load and 15-25% on lighting load. REDUCTION IN MDI by 10-15%. IMPROVEMENT IN POWER FACTOR. Depreciation allowance @80% as per Income Tax Act. Uniform Quality of End Products. Power Engineers Company is Leading supplier of Roller Type Industrial Automatic Voltage Controller Ahmedabad for more details
Over Voltage refers to voltage higher than the voltage at which equipment is designed to operate most effectively. It causes a reduction in equipment lifetime and increases in energy consumed with no improvement in performance. The 16th edition of the Wiring Regulations BS7671 makes the following statements in relation to overvoltage: “A 230V rated lamp used at 240 will achieve only 55% of its rated life” and “A 230V linear appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy.” Various technologies can be used to avoid overvoltage, but it must be done so efficiently so that energy savings resulting from using the correct voltage are not offset by energy wasted within the device used to do so. Reliability is also important, and there are potential problems inherent in running full incoming power through electro-mechanical devices such as automatic voltage controller. for more details
Voltage Optimisation is a term given to the systematic controlled reduction in the voltages received by an energy consumer to reduce energy use, power demand and reactive power demand. While some voltage 'optimisation' devices have a fixed voltage adjustment, others electronically regulate the voltage automatically. Voltage optimisation systems are typically installed in series with the mains electrical supply to a building, allowing all its electrical equipment to benefit from an optimised supply. for more details
REASON OF FAILURE ON MOTOR LOAD : Electrical equipment’s are designed for 240 volts (single phase) or 415 volts (3-phase) and operate with optimum efficiency at its rated voltage. 90% of industrial load consists of motors. Electric motor (particularly smaller capacity motors up to 7.5 H.P.) draws considerably high current at high voltage and increases energy consumption, increases MDI and reduces power factor etc. These excessive power losses of motors generated at higher voltage results in premature failure of electrical equipment’s. Also after the rewinding of motor its efficiency reduced by 3-5% and you have to replace the motor with new one after 2/3 times rewinding.
Voltage Optimisation (or Voltage Power Optimisation) is the name given to an electrical energy saving technique, whereby a specialist optimisation device is installed in series with the mains electricity supply to site to give an optimum supply voltage for the site’s equipment, and improve power quality by balancing phase voltages, and filtering harmonics and transients from the supply. The type of device used determines whether the power supply is being ‘optimised’ or merely reduced (voltage reduction can be achieved using automatic voltage controller) Voltage optimisation technology gives the end-user the ability to optimise their supply locally, correcting power quality problems from the grid, and is designed to do so very efficiently. In the UK and Europe, voltage optimisation units fitted have achieved average energy savings of around 13% over the last five years, making this one of the fastest-growing energy saving techniques on the market. Major businesses and Public Sector organisations have adopted Voltage Optimisation as a front-line energy saving measure. Leading supplier of automatic voltage controller in Vadodara Surat Rajkot Daman Vapi Ahmedabad Ankleshwar Mumbai Pune Hydrabad Indore etc. for more details