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Power Engineers Company is Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of RECTIFIER TRANSFORMER FOR ELECTROPLATING , ELECTROCHEMICAL, ELECTROLYSIS, ANODIZING UP TO 25,000 AMPS. Power Rectifiers are designed for 3 phase 50 Hz. AC input supply & are available for operations at any voltage between 380 and 440 volts, in India but can be designed for 60 Hz AC and any other voltage available. It is recommended that the input to the rectifier should be connected through a proper protective device, to provide positive protection to personal and the system, in the event of maintenance or in case a fault occurs. DC Output Control : The function of the variable output controls is to control the voltage or current or its operating range by varying input voltage to the main transformer primary. The DC output voltage variation is achieved steplessly 0-100% by means of an On Load roller type power make voltage regulator. Advantages of Roller Type Regulator : No. waveform distortion at any load, Electrical wave from is like a moving wheel. Fo 50% Rated Voltage the Dia of wheel is reduced accordingly i.e magnitude for a wave is decreased Higher power factor of more than 98 is achieved The system is simple and can be repaired and maintenance even by simple mechanic The cost of spares is very negligible Copper section for particular current is 3 times than conventional make Carbon roller rolls on coil and has trouble free life of more than 20 years Over all losses are less Advantages of Conventional Make : Wave form distortion in thyrsorised type, It is like cutting the wheel by 50% and then moving the wheel. i.e wave from is cut as shown at full magnitude The power factor is lower between 0.5 to 0.75 The system is specialized and need specially trained Electronic Engineer to repair and maintain The cost of replacement is very high Copper section for particular current in conventional make is 1/3 Carbon brushes slide on coil, have less life due to sliding on coil & breaks regularly Over all losses are less

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