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Ultra Isolation transformer Power Line Noise Isolator manufactured under our well-equipped production unit is an ultra isolation transformer. Further, it prevents passage of line voltage transient, galvanic leakages and spikes from getting on to the sensitive appliances and equipment such as computers, its peripherals, Digital Communication, Medical Instrumentation, etc. The range of power Line Noise Isolator employs exclusive multiple shielding technique that decreases inter-winding capacitance to below 0.009 pf with DC isolation to around 100M ohms. Further the attenuation of common mode noise is around 100db. The Regulation at 400 or 415 AC is about 4%. Common Mode Noise Minimized by Over 130dB Complete Electrostatic Shielding. Conservating Ratings, Rugged Design and Quality Components for Best Long Term Value. Load and Line Regulation better than +3.5%. Noisy Power Lines Isolates Sensitive Equipment's Spikes, Transients and Filters Power Line Noise+3.5%. Transverse Mode Noise Minimized. Leading supplier of Isolation transformer in Vadodara Gujarat
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